The Hunt

Chiad's Journal (1)

The night is dark and full of ABOMINATIONS

I was woken in the middle of the night by the sound of a large explosion from somewhere on the outskirts of town. I looked for guidance but my log was unusually silent. A quick look around revealed the temple was still intact, which was the most important thing. While I was considering what to do, a small child ran over and demanded (demanded!) I go to the Mayor's office immediately. Upon arrival, I was met by Ander, the unusual young fellow from the Church of Anrest; Old Man Balthazar who'd never met a book he didn't like, and a woman calling herself Scarlet who apparently lived on the edge of town, though nobody's ever met her before. Mayor Byron tells us that his son, Leo, ran away immediately following the explosion, and we represent the town's best hope in recovering him, finding out about the explosion which damaged our town's protective barrier, and how to repair it. We reach one of the columns that the barrier is (was?) linked to and find it blown to bits from within the barrier, and no trace of Leo.

After a few days march, we see smoke from a nearby camp. Some kind of giant emerges from the trees and tells us about how his village has recently been destroyed, and after some discussion, agrees to join us on our quest. Apparently where we're going we won't need names, so he's just Furbolg. Three or so more days pass as we continue to march East. One night while setting up camp, we're attacked by starving wolves. This was the first time I'd ever had to use my magic in combat; feeling Galandra's power flow through me was invigorating – the wolves were no match for divine retribution.

We reach a river and the more "average height" people wade across. Various solutions are bandied about for my own crossing, and while nobody tosses a dwarf, I did allow myself to be carried. A man appeared on the other side of the river, carrying a sword, and a shield with a star emblem upon it. He seems to believe our town, New Mire, is fake news and "the stuff of legends". He tells us about an Undead horde headed in the direction we came from. We head with him to Hilgraf to meet his captain (Gordon). We see some (4) Undead heading towards the North, which Samuel tells us is where the Lost Kingdoms lie, a land now ruled by the Undead. Charging forward and holding the symbol of Galandra aloft, we kill most of the abominations when a magical steed bearing a woman in armour similar to Samuels appears and crushes the remaining skeleton. The woman (Cara) removes her helmet and reveals she has two slender red horns. She looked like a lot like a demon and yet Samuel seems unfazed, so clearly he too is an abomination, or abomination-sympathiser. Ander jumps in and breaks the ice however with a stirring treatise on Grand Angel Anrest, and redemption and so on. I suppose I can accept Cara might have been evil but has seen the light now.

We reach Hilgraf, there’s a huge river and a poorly constructed wall for defense. We meet Captain Gordon & Cara inside the wall. He casts Zone of Truth on us, as if any of us (or myself at least) would tell a lie. After deciding that we're not agents of evil, we get a potted history of what's occured in the outside world since New Mire was sealed off. Most immediately relevant is the death of Lord Tilma of Castle Hilgraf about 4 months ago. He was protector of the realm, and subsequently there has been an increase in Undead activity. 



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