Scarlet Blackwood

The witch at the top of the hill.


Scarlet stands 6’1" tall and walks with an uncanny grace as she pours herself into texts and nervously looks back and forth. She is robed in tattered clothes and wears a scarf over her head so as to hide her slightly pointed ears.


Scarlet’s father was a human farmer, her mother an elven sorcerer. When their relationship was discovered they were driven to the very edge of new mire, just as their love brought a child into the world. Scarlet grew up with her father before he died, growing accustomed to farm work and silent study with her friend.

She doesn’t know when her friend first appeared, but she enjoys it when they visit in her lucid dreams, whether they occur in her sleep or in the field as she works. When they visit she enjoys talking about all sorts of things, from farming, to philosophy, to religion, to the arcane. She sometimes feels the need to note down important conversations or philosophies they share sometimes, oh if only she had some parchment she could use!

She’s never been to the markets you see. People look at her strangely when she leaves the farm to drop off food for New Mire. She doesn’t know why, but she suspects it’s for the same reason no one ever visits her.

More than anything though, she loves to practice magic. She knows it’s her friend that gives her magic, but she can’t remember taking any lessons with him. Nevertheless she’s very grateful for their help and feels like someday she’s going to do something important thanks to them!

Scarlet Blackwood

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