Chiad Alethkar

The Log Lady of New Mire


Chiad is a Dwarven Cleric of Galandra, most often found in New Mire’s temple, or out ministering to the citizens.


Chiad’s parents, like most Dwarves of New Mire, were stonemasons, responsible for the
construction and maintenance of the town’s buildings. She had never shown much talent
for the profession, instead most of her time was spent following around the priests at the
temple, whose devotion she admired – their faith is what kept the town safe.

One day while wandering the outskirts of town before returning home, she tripped on a log
and fell into a small ravine. Awaking a few minutes later, concussed, she saw a figure by her side, surrounded by a brilliant white light, who pointed to some roots erupting from the earth that looked stable enough to climb. She reached the top and looked around, but there was no sign of her saviour anywhere. She picked up the log – intending to use it for firewood – and headed home. On the path back, she wondered at the afternoon’s events: did she really see someone or something down there?

Chiad decided that if she knew anything, she knew her own mind, and her mind told her that
the only explanation was that she had been visited by something Divine in nature, and that
this must be her calling to the priesthood. Of course this also meant that the log was no mere happenstance, but an agent of the Angels, a conduit through which their will could be
communicated to their earthly servant.

Chiad’s tale was met with a mix of ridicule and disbelief back in New Mire, but she knew the truth, and if others were too blind to heed her wisdom – and the log’s -, then woe betide them. Much to the disbelief of many in the temple, the High Priest ordained Chiad shortly after her return, and she has been tending to the needs of the faithful ever since. She is never seen without her log, which she still maintains imparts new knowledge and Angelic directives to her on a regular basis, and that only she can interpret their will.

Chiad Alethkar

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