Balthazar Trembley

An old sage, nothing more. Move along


An ancient man holding even older books. Robes worn from a great many days of use and experiments into the arcane. Long graying hair to match his raggled and unkempt beard. But beneath the aged robes and graying hair his eyes still have the spark of an adventurer, that still wants something to do.


Within the safe confines of the city and the safer still confines of his university office, Balthazar put his mind to what was on the other side of the barrier. It was a forbidden art to study the beings on the other side. Well not all of them. The angels are held in reverence, but the demons are seen, rightly so, as monsters.

Studying their language he came to a realisation that some of his tomes were in their dialect. Such possessions were heresy most foul and he was not the best under pressure or interrogation. So he hid his finds in plain sight, his private study he filled with the most boring tomes he could think of to entomb his interesting ones away from prying eyes.

But while he knows he should bury this fascination of the outside and focus on his arcane studies and the linguistics. He tries to tear himself away from his heretic theories, but everything gives him an idea. A new question, a new train of thought but the knowledge and resources were simply not there to be found.

If only he could see beyond the barrier. If only he could get out there and study the world his city was blind to. If only.

Balthazar Trembley

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