Crippled angel seeks meaning in life


A vibrant and excitable child, Ander wandered into the forest around the outskirts of the safe zone for reasons unknown at the age of 9. Missing for several days, he was found on the outskirts of the forest collapsed and unconscious, with a mysterious coin from an unknown land clutched in his hand. The priesthood of the angel of Redemption took him in and healed him; however, he never recovered his strength properly, and has been weakened ever since. In thanks for their service to him and due to his weakened state, he has served as an acolyte at the temple since then.

Over the years since, an innate magical talent has manifested in Ander, which he has nurtured in private under the guidance of an angelic voice which presented itself to him. Directing him to do good on behalf of the temple, the voice has also implied that the coin he found is somehow related to a great task, involving the retrieval of something significant to their church. However, Ander has been content with a quiet life until the news of the loss of the mayor’s son. Feeling a connection to the disappearance of the boy, so like his almost 20 years ago, Ander believes that this is the quest he was intended for.

Ander believes every person deserves a chance to redeem themselves, and ritually shaves his head each morning to symbolise rebirth.

His draw to the angel of redemption following his accident often makes him wonder what he may have done in the time he doesn’t remember…


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